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The Calico Butterfly Vintage Art Quilt Blocks

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Happy quilting from our cozy quilting corner to yours! We are very pleased to introduce to you VINTAGE ART QUILT BLOCKS. These are vivid re-creations of vintage art on muslin quilt blocks. Taking art from the turn of the 20th century, and using technology of the 21st century to reproduce this art on quilt blocks, a beautiful product has been created for today's creative quilter. VINTAGE ART QUILT BLOCKS are available in over 120 styles, pertaining to areas of interest for almost everyone: holidays, children's themes, vintage clothing, collectibles, dolls, nature, bridal, animals, needleworkers, gardening, and many more. We add new styles frequently, so check back often!

The creative possibilities of VINTAGE ART QUILT BLOCKS are virtually limitless. They are quite versatile, suitable for use in various quilting and other needlework projects. By combining your VINTAGE ART QUILT BLOCK with your other areas of needlework interest - machine or hand embroidery; vintage fabrics, laces, trims, buttons; silk ribbon embroidery - and so many more - you will further enhance the beauty of your quilt block and truly personalize your project!

Most of our styles are 6 ins. by 8 ins. muslin blocks and retail for $6.50. The Crazy Quilter's Multi Packs are 3 ins. by 4 ins. blocks, packaged in multiple styles, and priced from $7.50 to $18.00, as described on the order page. There are a few other styles where the size and/or quantity per package varies, also noted on the order page. Wholesale pricing is available to Quilt Stores - call or email us for details!!

Just a note - a very important note - VINTAGE ART QUILT BLOCKS are colorfast and hand washable. Individually printed on fine quality cotton muslin, the blocks are colorful and creative, while being durable and versatile. Care and use instructions are included in each package.

To view color photos of available styles, to place an order, or contact us, click on the appropriate link below. Happy Quilting!

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